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Anti-Porn Stamp by Destro2k Anti-Porn Stamp :icondestro2k:Destro2k 274 175 Anti Porn by InvaderLucky Anti Porn :iconinvaderlucky:InvaderLucky 74 52 Bin the Bunny: Anti Porn by christianfishy Bin the Bunny: Anti Porn :iconchristianfishy:christianfishy 53 84 Disaster Bloom by RavenousDrake Disaster Bloom :iconravenousdrake:RavenousDrake 250 159 Anti-Hentai. by bluebinary0 Anti-Hentai. :iconbluebinary0:bluebinary0 49 58 porn stamp by TheIndignantWerewolf porn stamp :icontheindignantwerewolf:TheIndignantWerewolf 223 88 Anti HTF Porn Stamp by Egglings Anti HTF Porn Stamp :iconegglings:Egglings 260 161 Anti- Porn Stamp by lady-warrior Anti- Porn Stamp :iconlady-warrior:lady-warrior 460 335
Apparently full on photo of an anus (plus vagina) doesn't equal as porn on deviantArt. Am I missing out something when my artistic understanding doesn't bend to see the true beauty of an anus?
Funny thing is, when I tried to report it, my report wasn't accepted, as someone else had already reported it, and an admin had viewed it and decided it is not pornography by deviantArt standards. I find it strange that they won't even allow having several complaints on a deviation any more. Wouldn't several complaints about the pornographic content actually mean... *gasp* might actually be porn? And not suitable on this site? Oh wait, I FORGOT. Only if there's a dick in that anus, it would be qualified as porn.
Way, way less explicit artwork (yes, actual artwork) has been removed in the past from deviantArt, because act of sex was involved, even if genitalia isn't visible. So is SEX really the line between pornography and art?
I don't know, is it just me who's more comfortable of seeing a
:iconvern-argh:vern-argh 1 36
PORN on DeviantART?
Am I the only here offended with cheap porn photos posted on DeviantART? Cause I am actually sick of looking at the latest popular deviations and noticing that there are a lot of perverts and obsessed people about home made nudity and porn. This is actually disgusting.
In the last couple of months a lot of users have made accounts here just to watch and find these images of women, images that are offending me as an user, viewer or artist. How is it possible that no one notices how horrible they are? As you may already know, there are users here under the age of 16 that can view this photos. Is that normal? Do we need to encourage this? NO. HELL NO! They are disgusting. This is not art. This is NOT an artistic nude.
Can you compare the works of Michael Helms, Perry Gallagher and others, devouted and very talented artists, who deserve our admiration:

:iconhybrid4u:hybrid4u 52 185
deviantART, not deviantPORN
I am SO tired of viewing the front page... It is always full of spread vaginas (those are NOT allowed on dA!!!!), fetish porn (those aren't allowed either), penises, screenshots, pixelated and crappy photographs, "motivational posters" (fuck them, they don't belong on dA, this isn't 4chan nor Tumblr UGH), crappy base art, shitty traces/draw-overs, etc, etc.
This website is created to showcase ART. It is not for your disgusting pregnancy/vore/god-knows-what fetishes, not for your creepy ass real life fetish photographs and not for your shitty cluster-fuck anatomical abominations. For god's sake. There are other sites for that crap, such as Hentai foundry and so on. 
I CAN'T EVEN FOR FUCK'S SAKE VIEW DA AT SCHOOL without seeing actual, fucking porn. The mature filter is for VIOLENCE/GORE, NUDITY (aka boobies, butts and non-exposed vaginas (penises are forbidden unless for anatomy studies)), STRONG LANGUAGE (cursing etc etc), IDEOLOGICALLY SENSITIVE (dA wants to censor gay erotica fo
:iconpullast0rmy:PULLAST0RMY 6 11
DA is full of porn
I'm checking the photography section of DA to find some examples to show to my students.
And oh my god.
DeviantArt is so full of porn, often misnamed as "Artistic Nude Photography", that it's sad.
I don't want to see girls playing with their tits and vaginas when I'm searching for art.
Sorry, I just had to say it.
Have a good day! Sigh...
:iconzetrystan:ZeTrystan 5 41
Is Deviantart becoming a porn site?
The line between "tasteful nudity" and outright porn has always been tenuous, but lately I've noticed that DA has been allowing all manner of NC-17-level smut into its library. Not particularly well-drawn smut, either, which somehow makes it all the more depressing. I can appreciate "romantic" nudity, i.e. the sort that doesn't completely humiliate or degrade the subject, but I find "porn" nudity has an unpleasant, cynical, mechanized vibe to it that makes me feel sick and dirty all over.
Now, I realize there's already a filter for this stuff, but I'm worried DA's standards are gradually slipping. A few critics have wrongfully accused DA of being a home for perverts in the past; I don't want some loathsome waste of flesh with a high-speed connection proving them right.
:icondocotto:DocOtto 2 20





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